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Sometimes, you meet someone and it’s serendipitous & alchemical and you’re like WHAT? This is so cool!
That’s how we (Jamin and Kylie) met, and we believe it’s how we’re meeting you right now as well.
Our first conversation went something like…
“I love the Creator, I love the Creation, let’s help transform, uplift and heal ourselves and others during this incredible time of transition!”
 “Yeah, and let’s create epic hiphop spoken word tracks,” because, well, isn’t that the same thing?
It seemed Jamin’s beats overlaid Kylie’s poetry perfectly, though we just met…
“Hey you know, I left the music industry because it’s pretty dark, and I turned down some pretty amazing deals and I don’t even know what I’m going to do but I keep getting all these downloads… 
Wanna see? I mean, wanna hear?”
“So I keep getting this info about the Law of Resonance which is the ‘audio’ version of the law of attraction… you create what you want based on the frequency you take in and then output. I’ve been doing that a lot and meditating so much. I want to go to Egypt and Delphi, do you want to go?”
“Ummm… yeah!”
 “I want to bring you to New Zealand to meet my Maori family, wanna come?”
“Ummm… of course!”
“But more importantly, I want to help people go into their natural flow state with these beats I’ve been working on so they can activate that Law of Resonance in their own field and life!
We were designed to be happy and prosperous and free. The tv and radio and all the emfs are emitting a frequency that is challenging for the human organism. Let’s change it!”
Kylie, taking in every single word, ran to social media and asked if customized sound frequencies would be something her tribe would buy.
They said YES!

Jamin Van Dillen

A Los Angeles native, Jamin has produced and mixed songs for music industry legends such as Britney Spears, Prodigal Sunn of Wu-Tang, and Nikki Minage… Business leaders have paid him up to $10,000 to write, compose and produce motivational songs for them before going on stage.
Success was at Jamin’s fingertips, but after seeing some of the darker aspects of the industries he found himself in, he turned down a record deal, and moved to North Carolina to live in nature and pursue his passion for sound healing, sacred geometry, and helping humanity return to truth through music.
He Co-Founded Beats Alchemy as a result of many prayers, synchronicities and aligned energy and action and the rest is history!

Kylie Slavik

Kylie has been obsessed with the healing arts for decades. She trained in therapeutic massage and energy work at the renowned Florida School of Massage before studying with Maori Elder Atarangi Muru and several other elders, hosting indigenous elders and teachers in Florida for many years.
Kylie has orchestrated over 200 live event experiences in the healing arts world, and her work in this area has impacted thousands of lives.
She has studied intensively with spiritual teachers from Tibetan,  Maori, Sufi, Hindu, Alchemy and Qigong Lineages.
She generated multiple millions in the digital marketing world telling stories for conscious entrepreneurs and is excited to bring her talent and expertise to a project that has the potential to catalyze a mass awakening and remembrance of who we are in such a pleasurable and instantaneous way.