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Beats Alchemy

Experience Meditative Healing Sounds Channeled From Ancient Greece, Egypt and England.

It all started from my meditations… I was getting powerful transmissions. I couldn’t believe it at first, but when I started researching the powerful frequencies held in sacred sites it blew my mind!

The ancients have always known of these special frequencies…
Even a skeptical french engineer confirmed that the sacred sites around the world receive and emit special energetic frequencies…
Between the meditations, the many secret ancient texts I read, countless videos watched I was convinced I had to explore these ancient ruins, record the frequencies and channel in healing meditative music from my journey and share them with you…

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

The day came when I landed in Greece and stepped foot in Ancient Delphi. I immediately felt my stomach start to pulse from the strong energetics and remembrances.
It was a surreal experience. I visited the sites in Delphi as much as I possibly could, almost daily meditating, observing, recording sounds and channeling in music.
When I'd finish my visitation of the site I'd run back to my hotel, listen to what I recorded and started writing what came to me.
That is what my days consisted of until the songs felt complete and then I'd go off to the next ancient site that was calling me.

Go Ahead And Take A Listen For Yourself…

If you resonate with this so far I want to GIFT you a track off the album called “Sacred Crystal” inspired by a Greek healer I met in Ancient Delphi.
It's layered with special frequencies created in Greece and it's been proven to calm and relax the listener.
Night Sky

Let's Face It…

For most of us, we will not have the opportunity to OM in an Egyptian Pyramid privately, let alone even travel to Egypt in the first place…

But, I have compiled the songs and sounds I recorded from many ancient ruins into an album for you …
Now you can experience the frequencies and music I channeled in from my travels…
Best of all you can listen to these meditative songs from the ancients whenever and wherever you want…
Without having to travel over 6 months and spend 20k + dollars for flights, hotels, food, research etc…

The Time Is NOW!

If you are ready to experience a rare collection of channeled songs and recorded sounds from sacred sites, oming in Egyptian pyramids and the music that was channeled through experiencing these ancient ruins…

For a limited time only get your copy of
Ancient Alchemy

A Journey Documented Through Sounds

for only $33!

What's In The Album?

Ancient Alchemy contains 129 minutes of music encoded with the Ancient Frequencies from temples, holy places, pyramids and other ancient sites.
Track List:
Welcome To Delphi
Run Time: 1:08 Minutes
Written In Delphi, Greece
Apollo In Delphi
Run Time: 5:55 Minutes
Written In Delphi, Greece
Sacred Crystal
Run Time: 2:22
Written In Delphi, Greece
The Cleanse
Run Time: 11:11
Written In Delphi, Greece
The Holy Number
Run Time: 11:11
Written In Delphi, Greece
Run Time: 9:36
Written In Delphi and Santorini, Greece
Run Time: 33:33
Written In Santorini and Naxos, Greece
Angels In Naxos
Run Time: 11:11
Written In Naxos, Athens and Delphi, Greece
Chanting In The Corycian Cave
Run Time: 22:22
Recorded In The Corycian Cave Above Delphi In Livaldi, Greece
Ancient Om – Sneferu Pyramid
Run Time: 11:11
Recorded In The Sneferu Pyramid in Dashour, Egypt
Oming In Avebury
Run Time: 11:11
Recorded In Wiltshire, England At Avebury
Bonus Track: Tibetan Lullaby
Run Time: 22:22
Written In North Carolina, United States

You get direct download access to the album and streaming access.

The Stories Behind The Music

Watch the webinar/interview I did with Jeff Gignac on Ancient Alchemy and get the stories behind each song from the album:
Check out the behind the scenes video's of the creation of “Ancient OM – Sneferu Pyramid” and “Oming In Avebury” my YouTube show “Tour The Ancients”.
Creation of the track “Ancient Om – Sneferu Pyramid”
Creation of the track “Oming In Avebury”

All Of The Sacred Sites Visited

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“This is pure sound medicine. I close my eyes, these frequencies interrupt all the mental chatter and I am effortlessly transported to the place where peace resides and from which creativity flows”

Giselle Jennaway

“Ancient Alchemy is the best source of focus, inspiration, and musical meditation that I've ever found. I listen to it while working and while meditating, and every track works its own magic on me. This is a powerful album worth your listening time over and over again.”

Dan Russel, CEO of Kissventures

“This is literally magic. I feel like I can't work without these tunes now!”

Mira Zaki, Owner of Mira Zaki Photography

Are You Ready To Take A Musical Journey?

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