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Beats Alchemy

Your Personalized Sound Frequency to Achieve Peak States and Fuel Your Dreams

We've all heard that we can choose our emotional state and when we resonate or vibrate at that level… we will then draw those experiences into our lives.
But we've found it's easier said than done in a constantly busier, faster world where we are  bombarded by noise, electromagnetic frequencies, toxic food,  water and  a more and more socially isolated, through digitally hyper-connected world.
Vying for every moment of your time and attention.

How Do You Stay in Peak Performance and Create at Your Highest Level With so Many Distractions?

A renowned Medicine Woman told us once that in order to achieve a higher state of being, we must ingest something of a higher frequency, to “tune the soul…”

Indigenous cultures have always known this…
​Digital technologies have made it easy to access these states that took hours and hours for the medicine man or woman to ​achieve through drumming, chanting or other forms of frequency alignment through sound.
Which is why we created Beats Alchemy…

The Entire Universe Is Made Of The Frequency Of Love, Light and Sound…

But for most of us, the external world is pulling us in a million directions, away from that.

It’s time to align what we know to be true inside with the outer.
To make the wisdom of Alchemy’s timeless truth “As Within, So Without,” a Reality in our lives…
We want to empower you to align your frequency to any state you choose…
So you can align with the world you want to live in
Without having to meditate for hours and hours a day because even with your best intentions you probably aren’t going to…

Get Your Own Customized Beats Alchemy Track

If you resonate with this and are ready to raise an Octave or two in your personal experience as Alchemist, mastery of your inner and outer world…
Then we want to customize a “Beat Alchemy” track for you to have on hand on your device or laptop so you can “tune your frequency” while you’re taking a shower, at the gym, or any other time you can take a quick ten minute break.
Night Sky

We're Your Spiritual Sound Engineers

If you are ready to have the same guy whose produced beats and rhythms for everyone from top pop stars to high level entrepreneurs… who left Los Angeles and the music industry to live in nature and make a bigger impact in the sound healing world…
And a woman whose trained with the top sound healers in the world from indigenous Maori medicine people, to Sufi & Tibetan masters, to Alchemists, and ecstatic dance turntablists…

For a limited time only get us both to customize your ​

Beats Alchemy track for only $108!

What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats entrain your brain into a specific state such as love, focus, flow, creativity, and more…
Indigenous cultures have used rhythm and sound in this way for millennia, but binaural beats were discovered in their current form by a Prussian physicist and meteorologist, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.
He discovered that two slightly different auditory signals heard from opposite ears can create profound results…
Better sleep, more creativity, greater focus and clarity, higher performance… this and so much more has resulted from the “re-discovery” of this ancient technology in a modern way.
Since then research has validated that brain entrainment is an effective way to “choose your state,” by aligning to a specific frequency.

Is There Anyone Who Should Not Use Binaural Beats?

Research indicates that children, adults under the age of 26, people prone to seizures, or pregnant women should not use Binaural Beats!
Please do not purchase from Beats Alchemy if you fall under any of these categories above.

How Are “Beats Alchemy” Compositions Customized For Me?

When you place your order you’ll  select the top 3 areas you feel most currently stuck in, your areas of desired enhancement, your birthday, and anything else you want to tell us about where you’re at and the frequency of experience you most desire.
Here are some commonly desired frequency induced states:

Hear From Happy Customers!

“I’m obsessed with these beats. The custom tracks we had made have had such a positive impact on our meditations, general mental state & flow. In addition to raising my frequency, they keep me in a relaxed state knowing my brain is being nourished with good vibes. I just love the energy of the creators of this company and I have been having so much fun getting these as gifts for people as well!”

Brooke Emery

“This is literally magic. I feel like I can't work without these tunes now!”

Mira Zaki, Owner of Mira Zaki Photography

“Beats Alchemy has changed my life. I can feel vitality through my system like never before.”

Matthew Cooke, CEO of The Supreme Performance Academy

Are You Ready To Enhance Your Reality

With Beats Alchemy Frequencies?

Meet Your Sound


Jamin Van Dillen

A Los Angeles native, Jamin has produced songs for music industry legends such as Britney Spears, Prodigal Sunn of Wu-Tang Killah Bees, and Nicki Minaj… Business leaders have paid him large sums to, compose and produce motivational songs for them before going on stage.

Success was at Jamin’s fingertips, but after seeing some of the darker aspects of the industries he found himself in, he turned down a deal, and moved to North Carolina to live in nature and pursue his passion for sound healing, sacred geometry, and helping humanity return to truth through music.

He Co-Founded Beats Alchemy as a result of many prayers, synchronicities and aligned energy and action and the rest is history!

Kylie Slavik

Kylie has been obsessed with the healing arts for decades. She trained in therapeutic massage and energy work at the renowned Florida School of Massage before studying with Maori Elder Atarangi Muru and several other elders, hosting indigenous elders and teachers in Florida for many years.

Kylie has orchestrated over 200 live event experiences in the healing arts world, and her work in this area has impacted thousands of lives.

She has studied intensively with spiritual teachers from Tibetan, Maori, Sufi, Hindu, Alchemy and Qigong Lineages.

She generated multiple millions in the digital marketing world telling stories for conscious entrepreneurs and is excited to bring her talent and expertise to a project that has the potential to catalyze a mass awakening and remembrance of who we are in such a pleasurable and instantaneous way.

Are You Ready To “Alchemize” Your Reality?

Get your customized Binaural Beat today!

Love, Life & Light,

Beats Alchemy Co-Founders
Spiritual Sound Engineers